Students at Winston Transitions are placed in internships throughout New York City from October to June that they attend at least once a week.
We are fortunate to partner with businesses that provide internships for our students to develop skills in office work, customer service, healthcare, and culinary. Below are examples of our wonderful partnerships and the skills our students learn during their internship experience.

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  • Office Work

    Our internships in office settings focus on developing the following skills:

    • Scanning and printing documents
    • Compiling and organizing files
    • Inventory management
    • Computer skills
    • Data recording
    • Communication with coworkers
  • Healthcare/Childcare

    Our healthcare and childcare internships focus on developing the following skills:

    • Assisting patients in hospitals
    • Caring for preschoolers
    • Monitoring vital signs
    • Leading activities to support individuals' social and emotional growth
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Clerical work
  • Culinary

    Our culinary internships focus on developing the following skills:

    • Food Handling and serving
    • Knife safety
    • Expressing knowledge of menus
    • Sanitation procedures
    • Maintaining composure in high pressure environments
  • Customer Service

    Our customer service internships focus on developing the following skills:

    • Product knowledge
    • Communications with customers
    • Sorting, organizing, and restocking merchandise
    • Marketing products
    • Teamwork
    • Problem solving and taking initiative
    • Pricing and numeracy
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