After-School Options



Basketball will focus on fundamental skills such as ball handling, passing, shooting, and defense, rebounding, and pivoting. Teamwork will also be a focus and students will target communication, problem-solving skills, and peer support.


Connect 4? Chess? Uno? Join your friends for board game fun.


Get creative with coding! Come and learn Scratch or practice your Scratch skills.  Have your creativity come to life!


On Mondays students visit the Notre Dame Convalescent Home within walking distance of campus. The goal is to provide friendship and conversation to elderly residents. Activities include board games, cards and painting. On Tuesdays, students will visit our friendly neighbor Carousel Kids at St. Philip to engage in reading, art and games with preschool students.


Are you looking to exercise the right side of your brain? Crafts and puzzles are a fun and creative outlet.  There will be a variety of puzzles to choose from in addition to an exciting craft every week.  Students will have a choice to collaborate on a puzzle or craft.


Students are encouraged to get on the water at the Greenwich Water Club for one of the few activities where you can work all major muscle groups while benefiting from a great aerobic workout. Students will learn various skills such as proper form, breathing techniques, and teamwork. Transportation to Greenwich Water Club is the responsibility of our parent.


New to WPSCT, Disc Golf and Frisbee Games allow for a non-contact sport with focus on visual, spatial skills and fun.


Love being in the kitchen? Well, let’s bake! In Easy Bake, we will make fun and delicious treats that you’ll want to make again and again.  You will learn important cooking skills such as reading recipes, preparing and measuring ingredients, and cleaning up the kitchen.  We will bake simple treats that you will be able to re-create on your own at home for family and friends.


If you are intrigues by the law and interested in high profile court cases, this club is for you! This club will focus on some of the most famous criminal cases of modern time including the Newtown Woodchipper, the OJ Simpson criminal case and the Murder of Martha Moxley.  Mature content will be discussed.


Join your fellow students with a Coach from New Amsterdam Fencing Academy and learn or continue working on your fencing skills.


It’s football season! Students will learn various skills, which include but are not limited to proper throwing and catching techniques, running different routes, and learning various positions. Always a Winston favorite!


Where you’re just beginning or are developing your portfolio, come join Ms. Dowling for a relaxing afternoon of drawing.  Feel free to work independently or seek guidance and support from WPS’s art instructor.


If you play an instrument, bring it in and let’s jam! Students with previous experience playing an instrument will learn songs by collaborating with peers during Jam Sessions. Students will learn how to listen to other instruments as they play while keeping in mind their own contributions such as volume dynamics, staying in-tune, and maintaining rhythm and tempo.


Legos and more.  Let your imagination run wild and share your creation as an individual or team.


Learn how to improve your appreciation for set, plot, and character analysis with friends.  Practice conversational skills, questioning and sharing of opinions.


A workshop for those who want to make Literature come alive.  This group will work to adapt poems, fables, short stories, photographs and more into performance pieces to be performed in the spring.


Students are provided a supervised environment to help start homework assignments and navigate areas of difficulty.  Teachers will clarify assignments while supervising a quiet and productive setting of WPS students.


Help develop and share our community’s many creative talents while practicing written and artistic abilities.


Combining the non-stop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football, a game of ultimate is played by two teams with a flying disc on a field with end zones.  A fun new after school activity.


Stretch your mind and your body with yoga.  Yoga helps with flexibility, strength, creativity, focus and relaxation.  Class will include music along with traditional yoga poses and technique.


Come and Zumba! Music selection welcome while targeting coordination, pattern recognition and health.