Thank you for the many ways you support Winston Prep

We are proud of the support that Winston Preparatory School receives each year from our generous community of current families, alumni families, trustees, faculty, foundations, corporations, and friends.

Each of you support Winston Prep in many ways: donating financially, by volunteering your time, sharing your expertise, and actively participating in school life. The partnerships between families, friends, foundations, corporations, and our campuses, allow Winston Prep to stay strong and grow its mission.

Winston Prep Annual Fund

Supporting the Winston Innovation Lab
Winston Prep and Innovation Lab is reimagining education for your child. The Innovation Lab brings together teachers and leaders to infuse cutting-edge research into every classroom at Winston Prep, creating a unique integration of research and practice that advances a deeper understanding of each student’s unique way of learning. This understanding allows us to continually refine our educational model to respond to each student’s individual and evolving needs and strengths, thus inspiring success in school and building a path to becoming independent adults. By engaging in innovative projects such as the QSIL, Lives Over Time, Teacher Excellence and Leadership, and the Landmark College Partnership, among others, the work of the Innovation Lab not only improves the educational outcomes of nearly 600 students at Winston Prep, it is refining the educational model for children who learn differently.

2022-2023 Annual Fund

Your support of the Annual Fund for the Winston Innovation Lab is essential to continue this vital work, which will significantly change the lives of each individual student and is one of the most important ways you can invest in our mission.

Winston Prep 2023 Spring Celebration

Families, faculty, and friends from every Winston Prep campus celebrate Winston Prep students and our school's many accomplishments during our Spring Celebration season. Like last year, the Spring Celebration 2023 will include a seven-week virtual campaign, each week shining a spotlight on one of our campuses via e-blasts that feature videos of our students, parents, and teachers. The innovation this year will be five individual live celebrations taking place on our campuses across the country.
Winston Preparatory School is a leading school for students with learning disabilities, including dyslexia, executive functioning difficulties (ADHD), and non-verbal learning disorders (NVLD).

WPS does not discriminate against applicants and students on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin. The Winston Preparatory School provides programs and services and equal opportunity in the administration of its educational and admissions policies, financial aid programs, employment, and the selection of its governing board without regard to gender, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability status, or any status recognized by federal, state and local civil rights and non-discrimination laws.