Winston Innovation Lab Research Connects Our Campuses and Families

The Innovation Lab is an integral part of every Winston Prep campus. The ideas and innovations that emanate from this work that includes everyone’s input from teachers, staff, strategic partners, parents to students, comes alive and takes shape at every campus, every classroom and at every Focus Program space.
The Winston Innovation Lab is not a building where we come to meet, but a living concept and a set of ideas and projects that are injected into the collaboration and work of our teachers, staff, strategic partners, students and families as part of every campus.

The Winston Innovation Lab continues to develop and expand projects and programs to advance the Professional Development, Teacher Excellence, Leadership Development, Qualities of a Sustainable and Independent Learner (QSIL), Lives Over Time and Promoting Wellness Among Middle and High School Students. The Lab is deeply connected to the campuses, and serves as an intellectual meeting place for the field of learning disabilities and Winston Prep leaders and teachers. It is a place where Winston Prep school leaders can come with their questions, curiosities and ideas to further stimulate collaboration and research. 

Winston Innovation Lab

  • School design should be informed by an in-depth and scientific understanding of how each individual learns.
  • This understanding should include and address a student’s strengths and weaknesses and is always based on an evolving understanding of cognition and learning.
  • In keeping with the Continuous Feedback Process of Winston Prep, the Winston Innovation Lab seeks to help our schools (and the field) become even more responsive to the ever-changing needs of each individual student.
  • The Winston Innovation Lab seeks to foster independence and wellness through the development of the Qualities of a Sustainable and Independent Learner. This means we seek to develop ways to improve students’ resilience, communication/social skills, self-advocacy, self-regulation, self-reflection, problem-solving, social responsibility and management and organization, in addition to academic skills.
  • Winston Innovation Lab believes in the power of the increased refinement of educationally related assessment and diagnosis, and seeks to do work to increasingly differentiate different types of learners from each other.
  • Winston Innovation Lab believes in the power of partnerships with like-minded organizations, such as Child Mind Institute, NVLD Project, Landmark College, NAIS, NYSAIS and NEASC.

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  • Fostering Wellness Among Middle and High School Students

    Fostering Wellness for Middle and High School Students project was formed in 2015 in a joint collaboration with Winston Prep, the National Association for Independent Schools (NAIS), and the National School Climate Center (NSCC).
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  • Qualities of a Sustainable and Independent Learner (QSIL)

    Winston Prep had been using its Quality of Sustainable and Independent Learner (QSIL) scale to assess the socio-emotional progress of students for over a decade, but formalized this project in 2012.
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  • Lives Over Time

    This study began in 2013, and explores the experiences of individuals with learning disabilities over the period after they graduated high school in order to understand what helps them to be successful.
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  • Winston Teacher Excellence and Leadership Development Program

    Since 2013, Winston Preparatory School Teacher Excellence and Leadership Development Programs have aimed at developing, identifying, celebrating and rewarding Winston Prep’s most expert teachers.
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  • Winston 101

    Having a faculty of expert learning specialists who deeply understand our students is an integral component of how we successfully fulfill our mission. Winston Innovation Lab’s Winston 101 professional learning program is designed to support campus leaders in preparing first-year Winston teachers to do just that. 
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  • Faculty Learning Library Portal

    Encouraging a collaborative learning culture connecting all WPS campuses is a priority. 
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Winston Preparatory School is a leading school for students with learning disabilities, including dyslexia, executive functioning difficulties (ADHD), and non-verbal learning disorders (NVLD).

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