Executive Functioning

Students with an executive function disorder struggle with the supervisory and self-regulatory mental processes involved in planning, organizing and responding in a flexible, strategic and appropriate way. Researchers highlight a variety of processes associated with executive functions, including (but not limited to), goal selection, planning, regulation of goal directed behavior, delay of gratification, mental and behavioral flexibility, metacognition, adjusting to changing rules, utilization of attention and decision making. 

Sample Overarching Instructional Goals

  • Strengthen social emotional skills to support independent learning.
    • Develop Self-Regulation skills in order to effectively regulate emotions while maintaining efforts towards social and/or academic goals.
  • Develop executive functioning skills to improve fluent performance in both social and academic situations.
    • Improve organization of thoughts, information, materials, and time
    • Develop strategic approaches to tasks, interactions, and responsibilities
Sample Approaches to Achieve Objectives
  • Explicit instruction of working memory strategies to support effective sorting, prioritizing, and organization of information.
  • Develop metacognition to improve active engagement in the learning process.
  • Practice shifting set in conjunction with specific strategies to support cognitive flexibility throughout instruction.
Winston Preparatory School is a leading school for students with learning disabilities, including dyslexia, executive functioning difficulties (ADHD), and non-verbal learning disorders (NVLD).

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