Educational programs at WPS center on facilitating the independence of students with learning difficulties through assessment-driven individualized education.
Key to the success of WPS’s educational programs is the implementation of the Continuous Feedback System by all community members, which ensures that educational programs are developed around the needs of the students and are flexible and fluid.
Winston Online faculty hail from all over the country and hold many certifications and educational backgrounds. This includes reading specialists, special education instructors, learning specialists, speech and language pathologists, elementary, middle, and high school teachers. Our faculty carry out ongoing, in-depth assessments to cultivate a deep understanding of students, helping them to advance at a meaningful pace and giving them the tools to continue independently learning and growing. In addition, they provide intense skill remediation while fostering independence, resilience, responsibility, and self-awareness. An important part of our faculty’s job is to incorporate Winston Prep’s Continuous Feedback System (CFS) to gain a deeper understanding of our students, facilitating independence through continual assessment, remediation, and analysis of a student’s response to their individualized program. A key part of CFS is our teachers' focus on each student's ability to reflect, understand, and internalize the skills practiced each day. Along with their experiences, education, and certifications, Winston Online faculty engage in continued professional development throughout the school year. Many of our teachers have participated in the Winston 101 program facilitated by the Winston Innovation Lab, and many have participated in the Winston Teacher Excellence and Leadership Development Program.


Goals and methods employed with students with the following primary learning difficulties:

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  • Nonverbal Learning Disability

    Student Profile
    9th-11th Grade
    Primary Learning Disability: Nonverbal Learning Disability
    Secondary Learning Disability: Language Processing
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  • Language Processing

    Student Profile
    10th-12th Grade
    Primary Learning Difficulty: Language Processing
    Secondary Learning Difficulty: Executive Functioning
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  • Executive Functioning

    Student Profile
    7th-9th Grade
    Primary Learning Difficulty: Executive Functioning
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Winston Preparatory School is a leading school for students with learning disabilities, including dyslexia, executive functioning difficulties (ADHD), and non-verbal learning disorders (NVLD).

WPS does not discriminate against applicants and students on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin. The Winston Preparatory School provides programs and services and equal opportunity in the administration of its educational and admissions policies, financial aid programs, employment, and the selection of its governing board without regard to gender, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability status, or any status recognized by federal, state and local civil rights and non-discrimination laws.