Lilly’s journey at Transitions was unique. She joined us after many years spent living in Hong Kong with her family. While there, her family was able to provide her with a tailored educational experience but was not confident that they would be able to do the same here.
Acclimation back to the states for Lilly was also very important. After connecting with Winston Transitions through an acquaintance who had a child at our Norwalk, CT campus, Lilly’s parents were encouraged by what we could potentially provide through true individualization, our ability to focus on the greatest area of need for their daughter, and a very comprehensive exploration into what her future could look like as an adult. Given Lilly’s learning profile and social-emotional needs, there were many question marks. Was college going to be the right next step? What would employment look like? How could she build and maintain healthy relationships and have a happy productive life? Lilly and her family took full advantage of the Transitions experience. During her four years in our program, Lilly took four college courses through our partnership and Dual Enrollment Program with Landmark College, participated in three internships providing her with a full immersion into the world of employment and employability skills, such as professional work ethic, appropriate communication and advocacy skills, and taking the initiative to anticipate needs to complete job tasks. Lilly’s final internship at Concordia College assisting an elementary school music program resulted in employment post Transitions. Given her love of music and her talent as a singer, coupled with her newly developed skillset and abilities, it was a perfect fit. Although Lilly has found success, she participates in Transitions’ Support Program for Alumni to aid in her continued growth and goal setting for her future in a much more independent way. Lilly is living life as a more fully actualized adult and is thriving.
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