Winston Prep School

The Focus Program

One-on-one. Every day.

Focus defines Winston. Your child spends 45 minutes one-on-one with a Focus teacher, every day. At Winston, Focus is as important as math, science, history, literature, or writing. It is central to your child’s day and every child at Winston has his or her own Focus teacher. Every Focus teacher is in continual communication with all your child’s other teachers—and you. So how do you describe a Focus teacher?

For your child.

Think of the Focus teacher as a coach, a mentor, a motivator, and a specialist who is committed to helping your child find the path to learning.

For you.

Think of the Focus teacher as your window into your child’s school day: someone you can contact whenever you feel the need to find out more about your child’s classes or homework, or how your child is doing socially.

Focus is not homework help, although we help your child with homework.
Focus is not classroom help, although we help with that as well. Focus,
first and foremost, is about finding the right solutions to help your child learn.
—David L., Teacher