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As part of our learning program, every child benefits from the Focus Program, which is a unique and integral component of each student’s and family’s experience at Winston Prep. This program provides daily, one-to-one remedial instruction for each student targeting individual goals in the areas of greatest need. Focus instructors are responsible for developing an in-depth understanding of each of their students’ learning profile, creating goals that target remediation in various areas of need, applying appropriate methodologies and materials to address these goals.

Each student spends 45 minutes one-on-one with a Focus teacher, every day. At Winston Prep, Focus is as important as math, science, history, literature, or writing. It is central to your child’s day and every child at Winston Prep has his or her own Focus teacher. Every Focus teacher is in continual communication with all your child’s other teachers, and you. So how do you describe a Focus teacher?

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  • Our Individualized Focus Program at Winston Prep

    Our Focus program is at the heart of our highly dynamic model of research-based teaching methods. This animated video explains how Winston Prep's individualized Focus programming works at each of our campuses. Click here to view the full transcript.
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For your child

The Focus teacher is a learning specialist who has no more than seven students on their caseload and serves as each child’s case manager and remediation specialist. They work to deeply understand each of their students’ learning profile, develop an individualized remediation plan and work with all Winston Prep faculty to understand your child’s challenges and strengths. Focus teachers are the first line of communication between families and schools; they provide weekly updates to families, including important observations and current activities and progress within Focus sessions, and in content classes. Family input and observations are welcomed and an important component of feedback necessary to understand a student’s needs and progress.

For you

Think of the Focus teacher as your window into your child’s school day: someone you can contact whenever you feel the need to find out more about your child’s progress, successes, areas in need of attention and how your child is doing socially.

David L., Teacher

Focus is not homework help, although we help your child learn the strategies they need to complete homework. Focus is not classroom help, although we help with that as well. Focus, first and foremost, is about finding the right solutions to help your child learn.
Winston Preparatory School is a leading school for students with learning disabilities, including dyslexia, executive functioning difficulties (ADHD), and non-verbal learning disorders (NVLD).

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