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New York Campus After-School Options

WPS encourages its students to participate in extracurricular activities that will enable them to discover new talents, help develop character and make new friends. The Afterschool Enrichment Program runs for the length of each semester and has a small enrollment fee. The courses are teacher developed and introduced to the student body and WPS families and the start of each semester. All faculty members are encouraged to create courses that are unique and geared toward the needs and interests of the students.

Additionally, there are activities offered on Wednesdays, both on campus and at the local YMCA, for those students who are bussed.

Information regarding the Fall, 2020 Enrichment Program and the Wednesday Afternoon Program is as follows:

We look forward to everyone’s participation!

WPSNY Fall 2020 Wednesday Afterschool Enrichment Offerings
WPSNY Fall 2020 Afterschool Enrichment Offerings


Fall, 2020 Afterschool Enrichment Course Offerings


Barebones Productions presents Virtual Visions!!
Ms. McDonald

Barebones Productions, Winston Prep’s student filmmaking club, is seeking aspiring student filmmakers to join Virtual Visions, an online filmmaking collaborative. In Virtual Visions students will explore the art of the virtual filmmaking process, from the initial idea to the final edit. Students will work online, both as an entire team as well as in pairs or small groups to create their films, using individual video capturing devices such as phones or camcorders, as well as utilizing props, green screens, lights, etc., if needed. The Virtual Visions online filmmaking project model will allow for the exploration of the challenges this online process presents in the creation of a successful film. Completed films will be presented as downloads in Winston’s annual Film Festival (part of the annual Art Show).

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Sketches and Drawings
Ms. Gutowski

Sketches and Drawings is your chance to experiment as an artist. At each meeting, we’ll spend a few minutes learning about a new artist or style of drawing. Manga, famous illustrators, Picasso – whatever! There will be plenty of time for you to draw what you want – it’s your choice how your incorporate the challenge with your own style. Of course, showing off your work is a must!



BIG BRAINS Philosophy Club
Mr. Craig

Are you a deep thinker? Do you ponder life’s mysteries? Come share your big brain thoughts about questions like: what is consciousness? Does freewill really exist? What is time? When you have a toothache, is the pain in your mouth or in your brain?


Ladies Who Late Lunch
Ms. O’Shea and Ms. Crile

This club provides our female students an opportunity to develop and foster friendships with one another. Middle and high school ladies will be encouraged to seek advice from one another, while laughing, de- stressing, and furthering female bonds. A snack is encouraged but not mandatory.


Ping Pong, a.k.a. Bust-a-move Bingo
Ms. O’Shea and Ms. Yochelson

The spirit of the Ping Pong club lives on! In the virtual setting: One part bingo, one part exercise and dance club. We’ll play, and we’ll get our bodies moving. Come have some laughs while working up a bit of a sweat.


Yoga & Relaxation for Middle School Students

Did you know that you can make a flower, spider, mountain, walrus, and guitar with your body? Come join Yoga to find out how! This class will incorporate the use of animation, music, art, visualization, games and the imagination to make yoga fun and exciting. We’ll also learn breathing exercises to help us relax our brains and bodies at the end of a school day. NOTE: Comfortable clothing is required. Yoga mats will be required. Enrollment is limited to middle school students.


Yoga & Meditation for HS Students
Ms. Yermish

Vinyasa yoga class that is open to all levels from the comfort of your own home (no experience needed). All you’ll need is a yoga mat, and you will learn moves and exercises to release stress, and gain strength (both physically and mentally). Move to the flow of your own pace, and enhance your overall wellness. Enrollment is limited to high school students.


Fitness Club
Ms. Greene

There’s never been a more important time to get up and get moving. Physical activity helps lower anxiety, improve focus and sleep, and encourages a positive mindset. For many of us, quarantine has made getting enough steps next to impossible, but in Fitness Club we’ll focus on learning and practicing exercises that don’t require much time, space or equipment. We’ll focus on our individual fitness goals and building healthy habits for our students to take beyond the “classroom walls”. Working out is not one size fits all, and we’ll learn a variety of types of exercise so the kids can learn what works best for their physical abilities and goals.



Snack Pack
Ms. Lapin

Let’s get together for an after school snack with items that are already in your kitchen. We will use what you have to create delicious and nutritious bites. As we snack, we will play games, discuss our favorite recipes, and more!



Ms. Taubel

Students will learn traditional debate format and work with peers to craft structured arguments. This club gives students the opportunity to foster their verbal and written skills and communication tactics. Each session students will select topics, teams, and craft opening and rebuttal statements. Topics range from current events to crocs: comfort or fashion. Come ready to share your opinion!!! Parents don’t worry, they will not use these skills in a debate with you.


Improvisational Acting for All
Ms. Yermish

Fun, interactive class with exercises and games that will make you laugh, think, let go of all judgments (and often be silly!), all while practicing listening skills, memorization, body language, social skills, teamwork and adapting to new situations. This class is open to all students.



Group Games
Ms. Familetti

Join us to play some of your favorite tabletop games…online! Through playing online board and card games such as chess, Uno, and Pictionary, students will build teamwork skills, improve visual-spatial awareness and expressive language, and develop social and problem-solving skills. Students will have the opportunity to share their favorite games and learn new ones.



Spanish Club
Ms. Rispler

The Spanish Club is a great opportunity for the students to learn and practice the language and learn about the culture. Members will participate in activities such as crafts, foreign films, music, and culinary arts. The students will learn to prepare dishes that are typical to Spanish speaking countries. We will take a walk down the streets of major Spanish speaking cities using Google Maps. We would share knowledge and experiences about countries where Spanish is spoken.


Korean Club
Ms. Choi

Korean food and Kpop (Korean music) is becoming popular in the United States. Students will learn about the Korean culture, try Korean cuisines, listen to Korean music and speak and write in Korean.



Film Studies
Mr. Hill

In this class, students will study the history of cinema by watching motion pictures that are representative of several different film genres, including science fiction, suspense, film noir, war, horror, comedy, musical, and epic. Students will learn the “language of film” by studying each film’s story, cinematography, and editing. The teacher and the class will choose the movies to be viewed. Students will work to develop their expressive language skills and pragmatic awareness by discussing each film with their peers and the instructor. Films this year may include “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, “The Dark Knight,” “The Great Dictator,” “Arrival,” “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Shane,” “Chariots of Fire,” “Vertigo,” “Dunkirk,” “The Bourne Identity,” “and “Double Indemnity.”

Mondays and Tuesdays

Ms. Barbaro

This movie club is centered around watching both classic and modern day quality films from all genres. Following each screening there will be an open discussion that will center around story symbolism, cinematography and artistic presentation. Grab some popcorn and check out the latest WinFlix offering.

Tuesdays – MS students
Thursdays – HS students


The Virtual Choir @ Winston
Mr. Wemple

This after-school music ensemble is for those students that love to sing and would like to perform in a virtual chorus setting. This group will rehearse a variety of different genres of music, focus on healthy vocal production/technique, and work on a wide range of musical skills including rhythm, sight-singing, and singing in unison/harmony. The Virtual Choir @ Winston will be working towards a performance that will be shared with the community. *Auditions are not required for this ensemble.

Mondays – 5:30p-6:30p

“The Session” – Winston Prep’s Virtual Rock Band
Mr. Wemple

Are you ready to ROCK?! The Session is our rock band at Winston and we are looking for experienced guitar/bass/drum set/keyboard players that will be able to work together to write original music as well as cover some of the classics. An interesting project this year will be to create an original music score for an original musical written at Winston Prep. Second semester a virtual CD will be recorded to share with the community. Auditions are required for this after-school ensemble.

Thursdays – 5:30p-6:30p


ARK Animal Club
Ms. Bonomo

Dogs, cats, elephants, wolves, ravens, ferrets- we can’t get enough of them. Watch and discuss videos about the fascinating lives and intelligence of animals. Learn about their importance in the balance of nature and what you can do to help them survive.


Green Footprint
Ms. Heron

A lunch club that investigates ways that we helping the environment now, and ways we are looking towards the future. Students will learn about ways sustainable energy is used and ways companies and people are trying to improve their green footprint. Come find out how a plastic bottle can become a sneaker!



Fantasy Football Club
Mr. Britt

Be your own NFL general manager in the Fantasy Football Club. In this club, the students will review statistics and scoring for the previous week together to see who was last week’s winner. After that we will draft a new team for next week’s games. Player performance history and possible future performance will be a topic of discussion.

Thursdays, 6p-7p

Sports Talk
Mr. Curry

In sports talk we will watch highlights of recent events and make predictions on events to come. This is a great opportunity to make friends with sport fanatics or just show off your sports knowledge. Open to old and new sport fans.



Multicultural Club
Ms. Maliza

The multicultural club will explore world cultures and world travel. Students will foster respect and appreciation for all cultures, and have an opportunity to learn about various customs, traditions, cuisines, and music. We believe that the study of other cultures gives us a better understanding of ourselves and a greater appreciation of the uniqueness of others.


Travel Club
Ms. Reel

Have you been dreaming of traveling even more recently? Restrictions are putting a damper on lots of travel plans this year, and those of us with wanderlust (the strong desire to travel) are longing to experience new places, cultures and foods even more than normal! While it’s hard to hop on a plane right now, we CAN still explore and learn about some of earth’s greatest destinations from the safety of our homes! Join the travel club to share your own travel experiences, learn about the travel experiences of fellow Winston students, and explore new destinations together. We’ll learn about cultures, traditions, customs and foods (we can even try cooking some, when possible!) of destinations chosen by club members. Hop aboard for your next great travel adventure!



Student Leadership
Ms. Baharestani

Student Leadership is a student-run group that aims to build school spirit, plan exciting fundraisers and events, and give voice to the student body. The group consists of school-elected officials, as well as students who simply want to participate and share their thoughts on how to strengthen our school community. All students are welcome to join at any time!


The Winston Players
Mr. Matsko, Ms. McAlinn and Mr. Wemple

This fall, the Winston Players will participate in a musical production featuring original music and script. Students will need to prepare one minute of a song of their choice that displays their vocal range and will be asked to read from the script. Students who wish to audition should email Ms. McAlinn (rmcalinn@winstonprep.edu). Auditions, rehearsals, and performances will be held virtually. Note: There is no cost to participate in this program.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

To enroll in any of these classes please download the registration form below and return to the school.

Enrichment Registration Form