Winston Prep School

Curriculum Activities Connecticut

Educational programs at WPS center on facilitating the independence of students with learning difficulties through assessment driven individualized education. To achieve this mission, Winston’s curriculum focuses on skill-based learning with an underlying emphasis on social-emotional growth.

Key to the success of WPS’s educational programs is the implementation of the Continuous Feedback System by all community members, which ensures that educational programs are developed around the needs of the students and are flexible and fluid.

The typical WPSCT student has 50 minutes of daily instruction in Language Skills (decoding and/or written language instruction), Literature, History, Math, Science, Physical Eduation and an individualized Focus session. The Physical Education period alternates 2 or 3 days weekly with one of our enrichment courses which may include arts, music or civics. Through our ‘High School Partnership Program’ with Norwalk Community College, students who qualify to take college level classes at NCC are exempt from a corresponding class at WPSCT. They use that time during the school day to work on their NCC course assignments. In addition to the daily schedule, students may choose to participate in an array of after school enrichment activities including various athletics,  Community Service, Garden Club and study hall, etc.

Examples of Goals and Methods

Click to read examples of goals and methods employed with students with the following primary learning difficulties: