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Distance Learning

WPS’s mission is at the core of every decision and plan as we move from traditional in-person learning to our Distance Learning Program. Through our Distance Learning Program we aim to facilitate the independence and meaningful participation of students with specific learning disabilities through a continuous feedback process that develops skill acquisition and the qualities of sustainable and independent learners.


Last spring, all WPS campuses moved to our full-time educational operation for students to a Distance Learning Model. This model is evidence-based in its approach, focusing on skill-driven programming in the online environment. While our campuses are offering two learning options for all students for the Fall of 2020: short- or long-term remote participation or live in-person learning on campus, should the situation change, WPS will pivot from an in-person program to our successful Distance Learning Program.


Students attend virtual classes with similar learners throughout the day. WPS teachers and leaders are prioritizing maintaining connections and engagement with the community of peers and instructors.


Key to every student’s success is family engagement. Examples of family communication include:

  • Consistent contact from student’s Focus Instructor via email or phone
  • Virtual Parent Conferences
  • Three narrative reports a year
  • Weekly newsletters from Campus Leadership
Facility independece

WPS’s educational program centers around facilitating the independence of students with learning disabilities through assessment-driven individualized education. To achieve this mission, WPS’s educational programs focus on skill-based learning with an underlying emphasis on social emotional growth. As is inherent in our mission, all educational programs are developed around the needs of the students and are flexible and fluid.

Highlights include:

An Individualized Educational Process

The individualized educational process that accomplishes our mission is what the WPS community refers to as the WPS Continuous Feedback System. This system provides an instructional model for maximizing the educational experience for students with a learning disability, which requires educators and students to assess, understand, and design curriculum or actions based on understanding and evaluating responses. WPS teachers and leaders employ this model whether they are in one of our brick-and-mortar campuses or teaching online.

Parent Feedback

I would like to THANK YOU so much for the incredible organization and forward thinking of Winston’s DL. The planning, teaching, practice and lead up to today was incredible. This morning, I watched in absolute AWE and fascination, as the girls signed on to their computers and started chatting like pros to their first teacher. In each class (including art!) the girls were instructed with all the care and brilliance of the STAR STAFF Winston has. I am so immensely grateful for this seamless transition - for the opportunity for our children to still be taught in this nutty situation. To have a semblance of “normal” at the moment is a miracle. Especially for our kids. You are AMAZING. Thank you! —Current WPS Parent

From my perspective (and my daughter’s), the online program is working out wonderfully. My daughter (and her peers) are learning such great skills and are enjoying staying connected. Thank you to you and your team for developing and implementing such a great program. We often speak about resiliency; I think your program is a real life example of the resiliency of both the staff (who developed this program in such a short time period) and the students (who have taken to the program with such gusto.) —Current WPS Parent

My son adjusted really well to online learning. The routine and interaction with his teachers and classmates has been a welcome sense of normalcy in this crazy time. Thank you so much for all the work you have been doing. —Current WPS Parent

I am amazed at how well all the teachers and staff have done at putting together the online curriculum! It can’t have been easy. We really appreciate the effort and planning that went into ensuring a smooth transition. It has helped ease my son’s anxiety to get back into a routine. —Current WPS Parent

Student Distance Learning Schedule*

Students attend virtual classes with similar learners throughout the day, just as they would in our brick-and-mortar classrooms, including a full period of Focus where they receive 1:1 individualized skill remediation with their own learning expert.

Sample Student Schedule

1 8:15–9:00 Literature
2 9:02–9:47 Language Skills
3 9:49–10:51 Math
4 10:53–11:37 Art/Music/PE
5 11:39–12:24 Lunch
6 12:26–1:11 Science
7 1:13–1:58 History
8 2:00–2:45 Focus

* May vary by campus or student