Alumni Excellence

Stories of Transformation and Impact

At Winston Prep, we have shown that we can reach every student if we understand their unique ways of learning, approach teaching them in a manner that reflects their individual needs and strengths, and remain flexible and responsive to them as they grow and change.
With new-found determination and self-confidence, our alumni carry the skills they have developed throughout their Winston Prep experience into the next chapter of their lives, helping them succeed in college, the workplace, and beyond.

Braden Diamond, Class of 2022

Braden Diamond is a 2022 Winston Prep graduate who attended our Connecticut campus from 2018 through 2022. After graduating, Braden accepted an offer from Monmouth University in New Jersey. He is interested in studying sports business and hopes to work for a team or league after college.

Braden says he was able to find himself when he came to Winston Prep, focusing on areas that were most difficult for him. He now utilizes the important time management and organization skills he developed as he continues his academic journey.

For future students considering applying,  Braden says that attending Winston Prep felt like being a part of a family, where the teachers, coaches, and students all wanted the best for each other. This, he shares, is something he will forever appreciate.

Lee Block, Class of 2015

Lee Block, a Winston Prep Connecticut alum, currently works as a senior geopolitical analyst, where he advises executives on how to anticipate, understand, and respond to international crises. Lee expresses that he is proud of his work and is grateful for the opportunity to apply his knowledge of geopolitics in a practical and impactful way.

This fall, Lee will begin to pursue his Master's degree at Georgetown University in Science in International Relations. He advises current Winston Prep students to learn about their strengths and weaknesses.

"I have more responsibilities, but I also have the freedom to make my own decisions," Lee shares. "Act on what your teachers say so that when you graduate you’ll know yourself well enough to continue growing without daily support."

Wyatt Fortgang, Class of 2020

Wyatt Fortgang was accepted to Montclair State University after graduating from Winston Prep New Jersey in 2020. Since graduating, Wyatt shares that he has made many proud achievements.

Studying Film and Television, Wyatt is passionate about cinematography and hopes to work as a cinematographer or director. He is an involved member of the campus community and has participated in his school’s “Video Production Club”. 

Taking on new opportunities, he was able to experience working as an Assistant Camera Operator. He also enjoys making his own films and getting to express his creativity.

Empowered Voices of Winston Prep

Winston Prep families and alumni, your experience is invaluable in showcasing the transformative power of our community. We invite you to share your story to illuminate the path to what's possible for future families. 
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