Winston Preparatory School Publishes Research on Success of Social Emotional Learning for Students with LD

[NEW YORK, N.Y. — Oct. 25, 2023] Winston Preparatory School's Innovation Lab research team announced the publication of their first research article with Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, the official publication of the Learning Disabilities Association of America, over the summer. The published article, titled “Supportive Environments Explaining Success in People with Learning Disabilities through Social and Emotional Learning,” details how Winston Prep’s emphasis on social emotional skill building leads to higher rates of post-graduation success, compared to schools nationwide.
Composed of expert researchers, the Winston Innovation Lab has conducted ongoing postgraduate research since 2013 in an effort to quantify how and why Winston Prep graduates report high levels of life satisfaction, impressive college attendance, graduation, relationship, and employment rates.

According to the team’s research, Winston Prep students are over 30% more likely to graduate from high school and 25% more likely to attend college, compared to their peers with learning disabilities nationwide. Findings attribute this success due to the crucial social emotional component of Winston Prep’s curriculum , fostering essential social skills such as self-advocacy, self-determination and meaningful social connections.

“Part of the purpose of the Winston Innovation Lab is dedicating research efforts to uncover the ‘why’ behind our students’ success, allowing us to share that knowledge with the educational community at large,” stated Executive Director Scott Bezsylko. “Our ultimate goal is to effectively influence the field of education so that, regardless of what school a student with learning challenges attends, they will receive the attention and remediation they need to become a sustainable and independent learner. In this way, what we are working towards is our own obsolescence. Publishing our research is, albeit small, but a step towards our goal.”

Director of Research Amber DeBono, PhD, further analyzed how the study will not only impact future Winston Prep students, but will hopefully reshape how other educators teach students with learning disabilities.

“This paper is the first of many papers that will come out of the Lives Over Time Study, which will include recommendations for future research and implications for practice - consistent with Winston’s mission to influence the field of education with research and implementation models.”
For more information, contact Amber Debono, Ph.D., Director of Research, at (917)336-4074 or at
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