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May 2023

Dear Winston Families, Colleagues and Friends,
The Innovation Lab has fostered a longstanding partnership with Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conducting research and sharing supports and information that make the digital world a more inclusive, manageable and positive place for children, families and educators. As our students become more engaged in the digital space and mired in its influence and potential obstacles, WIL continues to recognize the need to explicitly develop skills in media literacy and digital citizenship as a priority in our program, particularly as this body of skills overlaps with the development of the Qualities of a Sustainable and Independent Learner (QSIL). For example, we recognize that students who struggle with Self-Reflection or cognitive flexibility may find it difficult to understand and internalize the effects of digital media on their identities and personal biases, while students who have weak Self-Regulation or perspective taking skills may find it more challenging to evaluate and predict the impact of their digital footprints and privacy decisions.
By coupling QSIL and digital citizenship instruction, our instructors have been able to more precisely target the underlying skills that impact our students in both realms and to encourage students to participate in their digital communities in a positive, respectful and safe manner. To maximize on our partnership with Common Sense Media, we make full use of their wide-ranging resources including webinars for both parents and faculty, data reports summarizing the organization’s research, and thoughtfully designed materials for digital citizenship instruction that are available to our faculty as a whole. In recent months, we have shared the following powerful resources with our parent and faculty communities:
Looking ahead, WIL will continue to prioritize student, faculty and parent learning around matters related to the Qualities of a Sustainable and Independent Learner and digital wellness as we remain dedicated to providing our community with cutting-edge resources and support.
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