Non Verbal / Right Hemispheric Learning Disorders

Non Verbal / Right Hemispheric Learning Disorders

The landscape of diagnostic understanding regarding right hemispheric learning disorders, Nonverbal Learning Disorders (NLD), Aspergers, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) remains murky. We, and other professionals (NVLD Project) do not believe the current diagnostic framework captures the nuanced patterns of strength and weaknesses for students impacted by this general category of issues. We hope that […]

Can a Fidget Spinner Help My Child Focus | Toys for ADHD and Autism

fidget toys have become more and more popular WPS teachers and leaders are frequently asked whether these fidget spinners are an Autism and ADHD treatment. At WPS teachers are dedicated to helping students who struggle with self-regulation acquire the strategies they as an individual need to succeed independently, as opposed to offering a universal treatment […]

Executive Functioning Difficulties

Executive Functioning difficulties are not well understood. We frequently hear from parents, students and educators who have questions and express confusion about this area of struggle. They see many kids diagnosed with ADHD and ADD, which are ostensibly about “attention”, but many people don’t fully understand what these diagnoses really mean, where the core deficits […]

What Is Non-Verbal Learning Disorder?

Difficulty picking up concepts and patterns affects kids visually, socially, and academically Caroline Miller Editorial Director, Child Mind Institute This is the first in a series of articles about non-verbal learning disorder developed in collaboration with Winston Preparatory School, a New York area school that has taken a leading role in working with students with the […]

How Can We Help Kids With Non-Verbal Learning Disorder?

We can teach kids the scripts they aren’t picking up intuitively Caroline Miller Editorial Director, Child Mind Institute Kids who have non-verbal learning disorder have a wide variety of learning challenges. All of them involve trouble recognizing patterns, but there are many different kinds of patterns they may have trouble with: visual patterns, social patterns, […]

Dyslexia: A Foundation For Understanding

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is characterized by difficulty with underlying processes of reading and writing. At its root are weaknesses in phonological awareness, rapid automatic naming and short term working memory. It is characterized by poor spelling and decoding. These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language […]

Social Challenges of Kids With Learning Problems

Learning problems can affect not just school but communicating and connecting with other kids Caroline Miller Editorial Director, Child Mind Institute When we think of children with learning challenges, we think of difficulty with reading or math, with being organized, with paying attention and staying focused in school. But many students with learning and attention […]