Winston Prep NY has select 2016-17 openings available for specific age groups and learning profiles. To learn more, please contact our admissions office at or 646-638-2705.
As the first high school in New York City devoted specifically to students with learning disabilities, for more than 30 years Winston Prep has been home to a smart and creative community of students who have struggled in traditional school settings. Our students have been diagnosed with language processing disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, and executive functioning difficulties; they come from public and private settings in the five boroughs, Long Island, New Jersey, and Westchester. They are brought together by their struggle and supported by a talented and diverse faculty that is dedicated to supporting them in the journey to become life-long, independent learners. As one student explained, being a Winston Prep student “means being part of a family that I know can help me with my problems in school and overcome them.”

Our unique model of education for the individual provides intense skills remediation, while encouraging students to build independence, resilience, responsibility, self-awareness, and self-advocacy. Key to the development of each student is the focus on assessment-based remediation, the daily one-to-one Focus Program, the skill-based curriculum, small homogenous class groupings, an expert faculty, an emphasis on social-emotional development, and a supportive community.

In addition to our highly individualized education program, Winston Prep is a vibrant place that offers our students many ways to learn about themselves on their journey. They develop awareness of themselves through all-school community service activities; build confidence while rehearsing for a theatre production; hone their writing skills composing the literary magazine; and practice self-expression through painting, sculpture, drawing, or singing.

Come see us in action. WPSNY is an amazing place and we would love the opportunity to share our school with you.
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