Winston Prep School

Learn in groups

Before your child spends the first day at Winston, we have spent weeks designing an academic program for your child’s specific needs.
We look at your child’s educational background. We review all the tests, evaluations, IEPs, and everything else that will help us learn how your child learns. We talk with you and your child. And then we huddle. We discuss what we think will best suit your child. How have previous Winston students with similar issues been taught? What has worked? What has not? What key strategies made them successful?

Your child’s class is also matched to your child’s skills and needs. Each subject is individually evaluated and individually tailored. Surrounded by the right group, each child becomes part of a team. What grade should your child be in at any given moment? At Winston, we don’t believe in achieving short-term goals at the expense of nurturing a real ability to learn.

We believe what matters most is developing a deep understanding of how your child learns and then creating the right environment to help your child reach their full potential.

What I love most about Winston is the sense of community.
The kids all root for each other.
The kids all feel that someone is rooting for them.
—Polly W., Parent