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Healthy Brain Network Collaboration

During the Spring and Summer of 2017, Winston Prep School leadership embarked on a partnership with Child Mind Institute researchers. You can hear why we wanted to work together in the video to the right. One benefit of this partnership is our ability to offer Healthy Brain Network evaluations right here in the Winston Prep School.

The Healthy Brain Network is a community-based research initiative of the Child Mind Institute, an independent national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders. The study provides no-cost study-related mental health and learning evaluations to children ages 5-21 and connects families with community resources. Do you already know you want to request an evaluation for your child? (It’s OK if you want to continue reading to get answers to questions such as:

Research initiative to help understand students with learning disabilities



How will my family benefit from participating?

The Healthy Brain Network puts an emphasis on delivering as much value as they can today to those individuals who participate and contribute to the research. Families who participate in the study receive:

Thank you for helping me understand what’s going on with my son.


Study-related comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, including intelligence, spelling, reading and math skills assessment

Consultation with a licensed Healthy Brain Network clinician to discuss results
Treatment recommendations and local referrals (if appropriate)

Feedback report detailing results that can be used to inform treatment and classroom instruction (504 plan/IEP)

Up to $150 compensation for their time

If you opt to share your child’s feedback report with Winston Prep staff, it will directly impact his or her Winston Prep School plan.

Where does the study take place?

Thanks to this collaboration, Winston Prep School families have the option to do 1-2 visits here at the school’s offices. That means you’ll only have to make 1-2 visits to one of the study’s evaluation centers and 1 other visit to a study MRI center. See where study centers are located

What is involved in participation?

Your family can do portions of the evaluation at the Winston Prep Offices, making participation more feasible. The study takes approximately 12 hours to complete, and is typically done over 4 sessions. There are some evening and weekend slots available at certain centers. Participants or their parents complete a screening questionnaire to determine eligibility. If eligible, you are scheduled for your first visit and an fMRI. Get details about the tests you’ll take so you can know what to expect and help prepare your child for study visits.

98 out of 100 families who participated said they would participate again

Why are you doing the study?

Coming here has been an eye-opening experience.


The Child Mind Institute advocates for big data and open science as a means of making scientific advances more rapidly. What is big data and open science? Data from evaluations are collected in a large, anonymous, online database of health information and shared with the scientific community in an effort to accelerate the pace of discovery. Ultimately, the hope is to contribute to the development of diagnostic tests for mental health disorders that can be used in much the same way an X-ray is used to diagnose broken bones.

Is my family’s information confidential?

All personal health information, including test results and any diagnosis, is kept completely confidential and stored securely.

You can get answers to your questions or request your child’s no-cost evaluation on the Healthy Brain Network website, or by emailing us or calling our hotline at 347-934-2880.