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WinstonPrep NY-Campus AthleticsPhysical education complements education in virtue and knowledge. The Physical Education program at Winston Prep is designed to enhance not only the physical abilities of students but to engage mind and compliment the learning process. Students increase awareness to components of a healthy lifestyle while being taught basic sports information. Through various activities, the course content addresses cardiovascular and muscular fitness, coordination, proprioceptive awareness and teamwork. Problem-solving, conflict resolution and sportsmanship are targeted throughout class activities as a means to develop awareness and effective communication skills. Students are provided an environment in which to value physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Teamwork, sports specific skills and physical development are focal points of the program. Physical education activities may include participation in basketball, soccer, football, and fencing.
The WPSNY interscholastic athletics program includes a variety of middle and high school opportunities including track, soccer, basketball and softball. The middle school teams compete in the AIPSL (American International Private School League),​ while high school teams compete in the METRO league in soccer, basketball, track and field, and softball. Cross country, golf and wrestling are offered as club sports.