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WPS encourages its students to participate in extracurricular activities that will enable them to discover new talents, help develop character, and make new friends. Typically, each course runs for ten weeks and has a small enrollment fee.  The courses are teacher developed and introduced to the student body and WPS Families at the start of each semester. All faculty members are provided with the opportunity to create courses that are unique and geared towards the needs and interests of the students.

We look forward to everyone’s participation!


The Fall 2016 enrichment course offerings are as follow:


Art After Hours/Portfolio Prep

Ms. Miller | Monday 3:30-4:30pm

This class is open to any students who would like extra time to work on art projects outside of class time. Students are welcome to continue work started in class or explore the various materials in the art classroom with the support of the teacher. This is the perfect opportunity for independent and inspired art students to explore their potential with freedom. Support in developing art portfolios will be given to high school seniors and any juniors interested in pursuing art after high school are encouraged to take this class. Maximum enrollment 8 students.

Digital Photography – It’s More Than A Selfie

Ms. McDonald | Monday 3:30-4:30pm

We all take pictures with our phones and cameras. But do we ever stop to think about our picture taking? Why do we take pictures-what are we saying with our selfies-why do we choose the pictures we put up on Instagram? In Digital Photography we will begin to explore the reason the photograph is such a powerful storytelling tool while learning the fundamentals (focus, angle, lighting, composition, framing, etc.) of picture taking. Students will practice photographic skills by going on building and neighborhood photo shoots as part of each class session. Additionally, through class discussion, students will become familiar with the use of the “language of photography” to constructively critique their work. Students should bring their own cameras to class.

At The Movies – Starring You!!

Ms. McDonald | Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-4:30pm

This is a class for aspiring filmmakers. In “At the Movies” students will explore the art of the filmmaking process, from the initial idea to the final edit. Students will work in pairs or small groups to create their films, using camcorders, props, green screens, lights, etc. as needed. This group project model will allow for the exploration of the role the collaborative process plays in the creation of a successful film. Completed films will be shown in Winston’s annual Film Festival (part of the Art Show) as well as have the opportunity to be included in the annual Yearbook DVD.

Anime, Manga, Comics and Cartoons Art

Ms. Berkery | Monday 3:30-4:30pm

By reading and watching favorite, classic, and new animations students will learn about different comic and cartooning styles and be inspired to create their own original artwork. We will make artwork that will include original narrative, character creation and development. We will learn about creating an entire scene with lessons in page dimensions/design and setting/environment design. Our original creations will come to life by learning how to drawing movement and emotions within forms and using several animation programs on the computer. Students will be experimenting with a variety of mediums and processes including comic books, video’s, ink, paint, marker, clay, and several computer editing and animation programs.

Knitting Circle and Fiber Arts

Ms. Miller | Tuesday 3:30-4:30

Do you like to knit or have you always wanted to learn this useful and fun art? Have you learned how to needle felt or wet felt with wool? This class is open to any level of student who would like to learn more about the endless possibilities of wool and yarn. Students are free to bring their own projects from home and work among companions or, if they have no prior knowledge, they will be taught the basics. This class provides a context for the sharing of ideas and a place to build companionship for students who share common interests.

The Fashion Flip

Ms. Berkery |Thursday 3:30-4:30

It’s Chic to be cheap!!! Let’s make beautiful and fabulous clothing and accessories during this class from Upcycled, Refashioned and Repurposed thrift store finds!!! Students will learn how to “hunt down treasures” lurking in secondhand stores as well as step-by-step how to deconstruct and reuse garments to transform them into new, original, and stylish clothing and accessories! Focus on current fashion trends and fashion designers will be used to draw inspiration and an introduction to hand and machine sewing will be explored. Teacher-escorted trips to local thrift and consignment stores will take place 3x within the semester

The art of LEGO’s

Ms. Berkery | Tuesday 3:30-4:30

Let’s explore the amazing artistic medium of LEGO’s! Students will spend time each class brainstorming, building, tinkering and experimenting within individual projects as well as working within groups to complete models and sets in all area’s of expertise. In addition, we will introduce the idea of using LEGO blocks within mixed media art pieces. We will design and construct mosaics, sculptures, relief paintings and make the connection between LEGO’s and the world building video game MineCraft. We will use our imaginations and inspiration to turn bricks into “master-PIECES.



Kids in the Kitchen

Ms. Biehl | Thursday 3:30-4:30pm

Healthy foods can, and should, taste amazing! In this class, students will learn how to make easy, delicious, and healthy meals and appetizers. Using seasonal, clean and whole food ingredients, students will learn how to prepare light and fresh dishes. Recipes will be given so that the dishes can be replicated at home. Join Ms. Biehl as she slices, dices, sautées, and bakes! Parental consent for knife use is required and notification about food allergies is mandatory prior to joining the class.

Class enrollment is limited to 6 students.



Acting For All: Acting Technique Through Scene Study and Improvisation

Ms. McAlinn | Monday 3:30-4:30pm

This class will target the skills of reading comprehension, expressive and receptive language as well as social pragmatics through scene study and improvisation. In addition, any students who are preparing monologues for college and other auditions will receive preparation.


Word Play: A Workshop for Creative Writers

Ms. Franklin |Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm

Creative thinkers, storytellers, poets, and punsters welcome! Whether you’re passionate about writing or just appreciate a good story, join us for snacks, discussion, and a chance to transform your ideas from the page to the stage. In this class, students will share their creative writing and learn to give and receive feedback in a supportive and relaxed round-table environment. Through games and prompts, students will generate ideas and expand their imaginations. The semester will culminate in a voluntary reading event and opportunities for students to see their work in print.



Film Studies

Mr. Hill | Monday and Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm

In this class, students will study the history of cinema by watching motion pictures that are representative of several different film genres, including science fiction, suspense, film noir, war, horror, comedy, musical, and epic. Students will learn the “language of film” by studying each film’s story, cinematography, and editing. The teacher and the class will choose the movies to be viewed. Students will work to develop their expressive language skills and pragmatic awareness by discussing each film with their peers and the instructor. Films this year may include “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Star Wars: A New Hope, “The Dark Knight,” “The General,” “Some Like It Hot,” “Ran,” “Shane,” “Slumdog Millionaire,” “Strangers on a Train,” “The King’s Speech,” “The Bride of Frankenstein”, and “The Third Man.”

Video Game Club

Mr. Craig | Monday (new members) 3:30-4:30pm or Thursday (returning members) 3:30-4:30pm

In addition to making new friends at school through the thrill of gaming, WPS Video Game Club will allow students the opportunity to organize gaming tournaments, discuss and review current and upcoming games, and even get the chance to talk to some top tech bloggers for wordpress maintenance services in NYC about what lies ahead in the future of gaming technology. We hope you will join us for this club and “may all your base belong to us”. Video game club will come in to WPS in two different sessions. Returning club members will be able to jump right into the fun of previous club activities while new members will get a chance to see what the club is about during our “Intro to VGC” sessions. The two sections will later combine forces/members.



The Choir @ Winston

Mr. Wemple | Monday 3:30-4:30pm

This after-school music ensemble is for those students that love to sing and would like to perform in a chorus setting. This group will rehearse a variety of different genres of music, focus on healthy vocal production/technique, and work on a wide range of musical skills including rhythm, sight-singing, and singing in unison/harmony. The Chamber Choir will be working towards performing a concert at Winston. *Auditions are not required.

“The Session” – Winston Prep’s JAM Band

Mr. Wemple | Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-4:30pm

Are you ready to rock?! The Session is our rock band at Winston and we are looking for experienced guitar/bass/drum set/keyboard players that will be able to work together to write original music as well as cover some of the classics. The goal is to record our own CD and put on a concert here at Winston. *Auditions are required for this after-school ensemble due to number of instruments available.



Experiential Learning Group

Ms. Bolzman and Ms. Schorr | Thursday 3:30-4:30pm

The purpose of this afterschool enrichment program is to provide Winston students with the opportunity to understand, learn, practice and apply important life skills that are crucial to the development of a sustainable and independent learner.  In this club, students, with the supervision of two Winston teachers, will participate in a variety of short outings throughout the semester.  Outings will take place biweekly, and weekly meetings in between will be used to help students plan and prepare for these outings by organizing and discussing logistics and safety, such as how to get to the location, what they will need once they are there, and how they can make the most of the experience.  Outings will include trips to nearby museums, parks, markets, and other places that are of interest to the students in the group.  Further, students will be encouraged to both initiate and share ideas with the group, fostering teamwork, communication, and relationship building.



It’s All Politics To Me

Ms. Siegel | Monday 3:30-4:30pm

The sequel to the Politics class from last semester, this is the perfect time to predict who will become the new president. Will Trump make America great again? Will Hillary learn how to use email? Participants will continue to read and watch, discuss and debate. Snacks and entertainment included. (Open to HS students only)

Know Your Rights

Ms. Elaiwat | Thursday 3:30-4:30pm

 Many people use the phrase “I have rights” without a second thought. While these rights are what make living in the United States such an amazing experience not many know the full extent of what these rights are or why we have them. In the current environment that we will live in it would be beneficial for our students to understand the rights that they have, what they can do to protect these rights, and the actual purpose or intent behind granting these rights. In this program we will be covering the rights granted to us in the Bill of Rights and the interpretations of those rights by lawmakers, courts, and people in general. We will cover topics such as: freedom of expression (including freedom of speech and freedom of the press), the right to vote, the right to privacy, and others. These rights are also referred to as “civil liberties”. In this class we will discuss what the rights are and how they are used (or not) in our daily lives. When do you have free speech, for example? Is that everywhere you are? What about those “free speech zones” you hear about on the news? Can you really say anything you want or are there restrictions? This year is an election year and everyone knows that when you turn 18 years old they can vote for the next president. But is that the only thing that you will be voting for? Do we only have elections for president? Do our voting rights allow us to vote for other things as well? In the age of Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook is there really any expectation of privacy? Do you still have a right to privacy if you post details of your life on the internet? These questions are just some examples of what we will be discussing in this program. We will discuss current events as they touch on these rights and the organizations that work with citizens to protect their rights. Once we have identified and understood our rights, we can also identify ways that we can safeguard them and what we can do to continue to protect the rights that we value in the future.



Gardening Club

Ms. Feldman | Monday 3:30-4:30pm

Do you love plants? Do you want to know more about gardening? Join us to help transform Winston’s rooftop garden into an oasis. No gardening experience is necessary. Gain a deeper appreciation for where our food comes from and when it grows, while also working as a team to make our school a more beautiful place for the whole community. Experience the joy of seeing a seed transform into something you can eat and share with friends and family.  This class provides a rewarding experience where the results of hard work and collaboration are tangible.


Ms. McDonald and Ms. Siegel | TBA (The meeting time will vary depending on participation)

The Winston Yearbook is responsible for producing the annual Winston retrospective book and DVD. This project provides students practice in expressive language and social pragmatics by working as a committee to design the theme, narrative and look of our story. The committee engages in collaborative as well as individual work (photo and video capture and editing in Photoshop and iMovie) contributing to the project. Responsibilities include photographic and/or videographic coverage of all school events and the taking of candid photographs throughout the school year that will depict who we are and what is our 2016-2017 story.



Are You Ready For Some Football?

Ms. Siegel | Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm

If you are an NFL and/or fantasy football fanatic, join this after school club! Each week, we will analyze the best and worst plays, debate who should earn player of the week, watch video clips from the previous week’s games (not top 10!), and make predictions about future games and playoffs. Additionally, we will talk about which fantasy players to pick up, drop, or to leave on the bench. Most importantly, we will finally know whether Ryan Fitzpatrick has been signed by the Jets, or if they will rest all their hopes and dreams with Geno.

Beginning Fencing

Fencers Club | Thursday 3:30-4:30pm

Winston Prep, in partnership with Fencers Club, will again be offering beginning a fencing class here on-campus. Students will be instructed in the fundamentals of fencing and will be working with one of Fencers Club’s national championship coaches. Classes will include a warm-up and cool-down, in addition to detailed emphasis on technique and safety. A minimum of 6 students will be required for this class to run. (Note: when signing up for this class, please indicate your child’s height and weight as equipment will be provided.)


Ms. Holzer and Ms. O’Shea | Monday 3:30-4:30pm

This club will provide students with an opportunity to play ping-pong with their friends as well as with new people. It’s an opportunity to participate in physical activity, laugh, de-stress, and develop social skills.

Sports in American Culture

Mr. Schlissel | Thursday 3:30-4:30

Few things in American society bring people together as much as sports. Throughout history, sports and athletes have transcended political and social boundaries and defined the United States as a nation. In the current era of the 24/7 news cycle, there is a plethora of information and analysis regarding any sport you can imagine. Join us in the Sports in American Culture class as we hold roundtable discussions and debates on the latest sports news, play trivia games, and watch a number of entertaining and educational sports documentaries. See you there!!



Chess Club

Mr. Schlissel | Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm

Whether you are a Chess expert, just getting the hang of the game or have never played, but always wanted to learn, join The Winston Chess Club. Chess is a great way to enhance critical thinking skills while also relaxing with friends after a long day of school. For newcomers, step-by-step instruction of how to play chess will be the first phase of the class. The next phase will focus on teaching basic strategies and different styles of the game in an effort to build skills. Each week students will utilize what they have learned by playing against one another. The final phase of the class will include a tournament of champions in which one student will be crowned the Chess Queen or King of Winston for Fall 2016.


      To enroll in any of these classes please download the registration form below and return to the school.

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WEDNESDAY AFTERSCHOOL OFFERINGS (Elementary and Middle School only) | Wednesday 12:45-3:15pm


Enter Laughing

Is an interactive theater program that provides a safe and nurturing environment in which students can develop and strengthen creativity and self-confidence. Theater games are used as vehicles that allow students their own ideas, imagination and unique senses of humor as they create a shared reality with playing partners. Two roles are played in the improvisational classroom: that of the audience member, who contributes the “who” and “where” of each scene, and that of the players, who create a short scene based on audience members’ suggestions. All students are contributors to the ideas used within each theater game. Peer laughter is the motivator and reward for successful efforts. Theater games are divided into group, and two and three player games. Each game comes with its own short-term objective. Meeting the objectives of the theater games through collaboration and moment-to-moment problem solving, while getting laughs to boot, makes for an exciting, creative play experience!

Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Like Dungeons & Dragons can serve as fun, engaging, and valuable resources for the development of academic and interpersonal skill-building. Students will get to take on the role of heroic fantasy characters who must cooperate together to overcome challenges presented by the Game Master, from exploring dungeons and defeating enemies to negotiating treaties and managing relationships (including those with other players)– all face-to-face, no screens, just friends. No experience is necessary to join in! The game instructor Timm Woods has a background in writing and education, and is studying games as learning tools at St. John’s University, where he teaches English and writing.

  To enroll in any of the Wednesday after school options please download the form below and return to the school.

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