NJ Steps for Applying

Download our 2019-2020 Application Packet for Admission

Steps for Applying

STEP ONE: Complete Application Materials

  1. Current evaluation (within two years):
    • Written diagnosis of a learning disability.
    • Intellectual functioning – WISC III/IV (Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children). The WISC III/IV is a good indicator of a child’s strengths and weaknesses.
    • Academic Achievement – WJ-III Achievement (Woodcock Johnson III) or WIAT-II/III (Weschler Individual Achievement Test-II/III).
    • Personality functioning – including the Rorschach and/or the Thematic Apperception Test and/or BASC (Behavioral Assessment Scale for Children). These indicate how a child feels and the type of support needed when difficulties arise.
  2. Completed Parental Questionnaire (questions found on second page of Application)
    • In addition to educational history, this information provides our Admissions Team the opportunity to learn more about your child outside of his/her academic experiences.
  3. Completed Teacher Recommendation
    • Please select a teacher to communicate your child’s learning strengths, weaknesses and style.
    • If you would like to submit an additional recommendation from a specialist (speech and language pathologist, reading specialist, tutor), you may do so.
  4. Completed Application including $100 Application Fee (non-refundable)
  5. Diagnosis, Medication, and Treatment History Form
  6. School Transcripts:

This release form should be sent directly to your child’s current school setting. Your application will not be considered complete without current reports.

STEP TWO: Attend an Open House

Attendance at an Open House is mandatory for prospective parents/guardians. During an Open House, you will have the opportunity to hear more about our educational philosophy, tour the school, observe students and classes and participate in a question and answer session. Please visit our website for a schedule of our Open House events.

STEP THREE: Application Review

WPS admits students on a rolling basis, throughout the school year. After an application is received, it is reviewed by the Director of Admissions to determine if WPS can accommodate and remediate the student’s learning differences.

STEP FOUR: Interview and School Visit

If deemed appropriate, you will then be contacted to schedule a school visit for your child where we will conduct further testing, arrange a classroom visit and coordinate an interview with a School Dean.

STEP FIVE: Decision and Notification

Families are informed of admissions decisions via phone and by mail and are encouraged to contact the Director of Admissions to discuss the reasons why the student may or may not be appropriate for WPS. If a student is a good fit for the school, but there are currently no spots available, the student will be placed on a wait list and will be notified immediately if a spot becomes available within the group that is a match for the student’s learning profile. Families who are accepted are sent a contract and financial aid forms, and are encouraged to return the signed contract
with a deposit within two weeks of notification.

WPS accepts students with average to superior intellectual potential; however, WPS does not accept students with primary behavioral or emotional symptoms.