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"We need you to open a school here” was the recurring request from professionals, parents and educators resulting in Winston Preparatory School opening its Norwalk, CT campus in September 2007 providing 40 ‘pioneer’ families the opportunity to benefit from the WPS mission and philosophy of ‘education for the individual’. Our students have been diagnosed with language processing disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, ADHD, and may struggle with organizational, executive functioning, social pragmatic, expressive language or reading comprehension difficulties.

Our administrative leadership and faculty offer WPS students an educational and social-emotional culture where learning ‘how to learn’ takes place throughout the student’s day on campus. Whether within the daily one-to-one Focus Program, the classroom setting, on the field or during extra curricular activities, the WPS community is committed to presenting its students with an academic and social climate where each student’s potential can be realized and achieved. Our ultimate objective is to provide students the tools required to allow them to become sustainable and independent learners during and beyond their WPS experience. As one of our students recently stated, “Winston is where I learn, where teachers take the time to help me understand and give me the strategies to succeed… not only at Winston but in the future.”

As we prepare our students for the inexorable challenges ahead, we welcome you to visit our newly-designed campus, where Winston's new and recently LEED Platinum Certified school building provides an optimal setting in which to target academic skills, while allowing students an enriched opportunity to support and regenerate their shared environment. Now in our 13th year and with an enrollment of over 120 students, we invite you to observe a growing community where children feel heard, safe and understood. Where friendships are created, objectives met and accomplishments attained.




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        Our community is made up of our children and you as their parent. Much of what makes this community happen is your presence behind the scenes, both at home and on campus. If you would like to assist us in the many activities and events throughout the year, please contact the development office.

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