Winston Prep School


At WPS we view each student as a unique individual learner who has potential and is Able to Learn . It is also important that our work is grounded in research regarding how people learn and the learning differences that cause students to struggle. We begin our understanding by looking through a neuropsychological lens based on decades of research on learning and cognition. This is just the first step. It is important that we understand both who our students are as learners, as well as who they are as people . WPS students have some notable gifts, and our individual approach allows us to explore and develop these gifts. Everything we do is based on this in-depth Understanding of each individual student. Each photo above will take you to stories of WPS students who we can begin to understand through the terms dyslexia, executive functioning difficulties and nonverbal learning disorders.

Meet Robert

When Robert began his journey at WPS he was described as an active and enthusiastic learner. Although he demonstrated strengths in certain areas such as rote learning, vocabulary and math calculation, he often struggled to understand and express complex and abstract ideas. For students like Robert, the most difficult areas of school life can be comprehension, math concepts and social pragmatics. This was true for Robert. Over his time at WPS Robert received strategy instruction throughout the curriculum to help him understand patterns in all areas of academics and socialization. Problem solving and reasoning skills were emphasized in every course every day, so that over time Robert was better able to stay poised and effective when faced with challenging abstract concepts and situations. This newfound ability to deal with the abstract, combined with Robert’s strength in rote learning and memorization, allowed him to excel at WPS and beyond. Robert graduated from WPS and Adelphi University, and is now working towards his PhD.